Charlie the Gorilla WIP


Here’s a quasi-realistic model I’ve been working on recently, a gorilla named Charlie.

Idris Elba as Roland, The Gunslinger

Idris Elba is to play the role of Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series. Here’s a Photoshop mock-up I did combining imagery of Clint Eastwood’s “Man with no Name” and “The Outlaw Josey Wales”, and a nice portrait of Idris Elba.

Idris Elba as The Gunslinger

Idris Elba as The Gunslinger

Misc Photography


Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken over the years that I think are nice

Web Development – Mealtime MultiMenu (Angular JS)

Learning and playing with some AngularJS; here’s a simple example:

Super Gunslinger Bros. (WIP 001)

Playing with the Gunslinger Bros. (Stephen King’s Dark Tower series) in Blender’s game engine, fun stuff