Category: Works in Progress

Charlie the Gorilla WIP


Here’s a quasi-realistic model I’ve been working on recently, a gorilla named Charlie.

Super Gunslinger Bros. (WIP 001)

Playing with the Gunslinger Bros. (Stephen King’s Dark Tower series) in Blender’s game engine, fun stuff

Web Development – MyCOD (PHP and MySQL)

Built a sort of a social site using PHP and MySQL for uploading your gaming screenshots. Includes account management, image uploading, messaging, and comments.


Submarine – game engine talking test

“Bungalow Island” environment project

Working on a much larger version of the Bungalow Island project I started a few months ago. Using Blender to model and texture all the objects, then taking it into Unity’s game engine. Here’s my progress so far:

BI_boathouse_04 BI_boathouse_03 BI_boathouse_02 BI_boathouse_01 BI_101014g BI_101014f BI_101014e BI_101014d BI_101014c BI_101014b BI_101014a