Category: Web Development

Web Development – Mealtime MultiMenu (Angular JS)

Learning and playing with some AngularJS; here’s a simple example:

Web Development Testing – MyCOD

Built a sort of a social site using PHP and MySQL for uploading your gaming screenshots. Includes account management, image uploading, messaging, and comments.


Web Development Testing – Concordia Vineyards

Using PHP and MySQL, I built a test site for a winery, implementing a back-end interface for the company to insert and edit new products and photos.


Playing with some web development

Put this together to knock some rust off of my layout skills; it’s just some basic, simple coding for responsive design. Figured I’d put something together using one of my all-time favorite video games, Far Cry 4 –



Web Development – Drupal

Just a very basic little “getting my feet wet” type of test for Drupal.