Category: Tutorials

JB5 – “Jacky Boy” Blender Tutorial Series Introduction

Tim Burton-styled character tutorial series

In this Blender 3D Tutorial series, I’m going over how to create a character in the style of Tim Burton. This series will cover the complete creation of the character, from a cube, to a finished, ready-to-animate character.

Blender 2.6x Tropical Terrain Series

In this Blender 2.63 series, I’m going over how to create a purely-CGI tropical landscape making extensive use of the Sapling add-on, as well as other techniques.

Blender’s Ocean Sim settings comparison

Palm Tree / Island tutorial

Three-part short tutorial series on the quick basics of creating an island scene. The end result isn’t quite as detailed as the renders I’ve shown, but it should get you off to a good start.