Category: 3D Artwork

CG Chimp


Took ol’ Charlie and made his base model into a Chimp, pretty happy with the results.

Life in the Sea

I first started this project a couple of years ago after my tutorial series featuring the Submarine ( After facing much impatience with Cycles, I sort of lost interest for a couple of years. When I showed the unfinished project to my fiancé (who’s a Pre-K teacher), she encouraged me to finish it so she could show it to her class. So I jumped back in with new motivation, and opted to go back to the old tried and true Internal Render, which I’ve always had more success with (I’m not a patient man, and Cycles is so slow on AMD GPUs). So here’s the finished project, Henry Seaworth singing “Life in the Sea”, which was written and recorded by Yours Truly.

Charlie the Gorilla WIP


Here’s a quasi-realistic model I’ve been working on recently, a gorilla named Charlie.

12-Part Blender 3D Tutorial Series on using a floorplan to build a house in 3D

Submarine – game engine talking test